The Foundry is a specially converted building in South London that provides offices, meeting and exhibition spaces to social justice and human rights organisations. It was established by the Social Justice and Human Rights Centre Company Limited which is made up of trusts, foundations and a limited company, Ethical Property. In December 2014, The Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR) was commissioned to carry out a reflective review of the development stage of The Foundry to maximise learning from the project in respect of three domains: its relationships, funding and property development. The primary audience for the review is The Foundry board.

Finance, Social Economics and Community Development

Community Development Journal; Oxford University Press
December 2014

This paper argues that social finance, how it is used, politically domesticated and achieves re-distributional outcomes is a necessary component of counter-hegemonic strategies. Such assemblages are as important to radical community development as they are to neoliberalism and the analysis concludes by highlighting the need to develop a better understanding of finance, the ethics of its use and tactical compromises in scaling it as an alternative to public and private markets.