What We Do

Social Investment:

Social Investment Advisor to the Local Trust on Big Local, a £200m spend-down endowment working in 150 local areas across England.

Working with GHK Consultants on A Map of Social Enterprises and their Eco-System in Europe for DG-Employment, EU.

Working with Queen’s University, Belfast on social enterprise research for the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland.

Co-author with Leila Baker of the Institute of Voluntary Action Research of Charities and Social Investment for the Charity Commission (2013)

Architect of Change Matters, the performance framework for UK Community Development Finance Institutions.

Strategic planning, organisational and performance reviews, evaluations and financial analysis, advice on funding applications, action plans, market analysis, research and planning and a full range of training courses for staff and Boards.

Clients include:
Charity Commission (England and Wales), DG Employment, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister, Charity Bank, London and Quadrant Housing Association, European Microfinance Network, Deutsche Bank, Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona cdfa and, (through Change Matters), South Coast Moneyline, Fredericks Foundation, London Rebuilding Society, One London, Project North East, Scotcash, Sirius, Acorn, Donbac, Developing Strathclyde Ltd, East London Small Business Centre and Foundation East.

Social Enterprise:

Strategic and business planning, organisational reviews, financial performance and management reviews, sectoral studies and evaluations.

Clients include:
Social Economy Agency (NI), the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Ireland and Social Economy Belfast and a wide range of social enterprises looking for finance.

Social Impact:

If you are not sure whether Social Return on Investment is the right approach for your organisation and you are baffled by the different methodologies, terminologies and codologies on the market, why not start with the Theory of Change?

For charities, we can work with you to develop a logical framework, based on the Charity Commission’s charitable purposes, which will help Board, staff and other stakeholders understand the causal links between what you do and what you deliver.

For social enterprises, our approach helps you to define what are the core outputs, outcomes and impacts of your activities and what extra added value you can deliver.

As experienced practitioners, Niamh and her associates will ensure a balance between putting social impact assessment at the heart of what your organisation does and keeping it simple, practical and uncomplicated.

Clients include:
Charity Bank, Belfast City Council and the cdfa.

Financial Exclusion

Small Change managed the first comprehensive mapping exercise in the UK, working with Experian, the cdfa and Freiss Associates to map financial exclusion for SEEDA. This ground-breaking approach was then adopted by HM Treasury’s Financial Inclusion Taskforce in mapping financial exclusion in Britain.  Niamh Goggin and Experian went on to replicate the study for the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.  Niamh has also worked for the Department for Work and Pensions on a training needs analysis for credit unions and CDFI’s, with Paul Jones of Liverpool John Moores University.

Clients include:
SEEDA, Financial Inclusion Taskforce and the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland.