Small Change is a consultancy firm which aims to make a difference.  We work with clients on social investment, social enterprise, community-led local economic development and financial exclusion.

Niamh Goggin (Small Change’s Director) combines practical on-the-ground experience in challenging working environments, with research and policy engagement in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Europe and Latin America.  She collaborates with a network of researchers and consultants who are committed to making a better world, one small change at a time.

Small Change is  currently working with the Local Trust, providing advice and support on social investment and local economics in 150 Big Local areas across England. Niamh is working with Barclays UK Community Investment as expert advisor on their Credit Union Support Programme.

As an IVAR Associate, she worked with Leila Baker on a learning review of The Foundry, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice, the largest social investment by charitable trusts in the UK. She has done some social investment appraisal work for Lankelly Chase Foundation and strategic input on social investment for CCLA.She enjoyed working with the Campaign Company on their project for Lambeth Council on payday lending. She was a country expert for ICF International, who had been commissioned by the European Commission to map social enterprises and their ecosystems across the EU.
She has worked with charitable trusts and foundations, running workshops for the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund and Lloyds TSB Foundation Northern Ireland. She worked for the Community Development Finance Association to develop their flagship Change Matters performance framework. Change Matters assesses the performance of social finance organisations across three domains; finance, business practice and social impact. The aim of Change Matters is to enable CDFI’s to improve their efficiency, transparency and impact which will in turn increase their potential to attract investment from a range of stakeholders. see www.cdfa.org.uk for more details.

Other clients include the Charity Commission for England and Wales (see IVAR below), SEEDA, London & Quadrant Housing Association, Experian, DWP, HM Treasury Financial Inclusion Taskforce, European Microfinance Network, Deutsche Bank, Developing Strathclyde Ltd, the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Ireland, Social Economy Belfast and Un Sol Mon, Barcelona.

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